Avoid Taking These 8 Things On An Empty Stomach

03:51pm - 03 March 2024

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When you wake up with an empty stomach in the morning, the first thing you need to do is to fill it with food. Our stomach is empty after waking up because all the food has been digested, which means that it is in a highly acidic conditions. If we put more acid, it will result in stomach irritation.

How we start the day affects your mood and energy level throughout the day. That is why breakfast is an important meal.

Here are some things that are not recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach.

1. Medicines

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The abdominal wall will be irritated if you take medicine on an empty stomach. Drugs can also increase the acidity of the stomach. That is why the recommended medication taken after meals.

2. Soda

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When the soda is consumed on an empty stomach, the acid found in soda mixes with stomach acid in the stomach, causing nausea and irritation in the intestines.

3. Spicy Foods

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Spicy meal in the morning will lead to ulcer recurrence and abdominal pain due to acid in the diet.

4. Alcohol

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Alcohol must not be consumed when the stomach is empty. Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can burn the lining of the intestine.

5. Coffee

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Drinking coffee before breakfast is commonly done by a lot of people. Experts reveal that coffee drinking on an empty stomach will cause hormonal imbalances and cause stress. This applies also to tea.

6. Tomato

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The acid contained in tomatoes will react with the acids in your stomach when consumed on an empty stomach. It will result in stomach irritation.

7. Banana

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Experts say magnesium levels will increase drastically if we eat a banana on an empty stomach.

8. Sports

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Exercising on an empty stomach will cause you trouble! via http://blog.rizasporty.com

Never perform heavy physical activity before eating. Exercising on an empty stomach will burn muscle instead of fat.

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