Packing House


Amazing Farm is committed to do operational process according to the proper standard operational procedures for fresh produces handling. All process from production, harvesting, post harvesting, and distribution is carried out with tight control and supervision.


Handling fresh produce is not a simple matter because we deal with perishable products. Moreover, the business rhythm is run by daily basis. Each day we do the whole business cycle from planting, harvesting, and distributing. Particularly for fresh vegetables, we exercise no stock policy in our packing house to ensure freshness.

Information Technology

Amazing Farm implements Information Technology (IT) facilities which connect head office to core farms in Lembang. We plan to extend the connection to reach all farms to improve coordination and communication based on data validity and accuracy.


Distribution & Opperation Support

Using our fleet comprises 9 units of chiller equipped trucks, we distribute and deliver our products to stores across Jabodetabek. As one of this business character is tight distribution system, we anticipate the process with careful and precise handling to minimize risks by implementing cool chain system to maintain low waste.