Enjoy Healthy Living With Fiesta Salad Asian Dressing

08:49am - 23 July 2024

Salad yang memanjakan perut Anda via Amazingfarm.comPamper your tummy with fiesta salad with asian dressing. Salad is still widely considered as western dish by most Indonesians, however people are increasingly consuming salad as a part of their healthy lifestyle.

The demanding activities of the modern day force people to have less concern about their diet. Oftenly, the food they put in their mouth does not offer any goodness and nutrition for the whole body. In the worst case, it even brings along some diseases.

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, start by increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits, as well as reducing unhealthy foods. A healthy salad is the answer.

Fiesta asian salad dressing has a really unique and delicious taste. The vegetables contained are including lettuce, onions, and sweet corn. The combination is really rich in taste and has a unique texture.

1. The delicious and nutritious sweet corn

jagung segar jauh lebih rendah kalori daripada keluarga jagung lainnya seperti gandum, beras, dll. via http://amazingfarm.com/

A fresh sweet corn contains less calories compared to other corns via amazingfarm.com

Sweet corn is high in fiber and have a high-quality nutritional profile and some other benefits to the body when consumed. Sweet corn is good for the eyes. The antioxidants and zeaxanthin pigments that exist in sweet corn protect the eyes from eye diseases such as retinal degeneration. Sweet corn is also rich in beta carotene and folate which prevent other diseases associated with vision capability.

2. Many benefits contained in onions

Bawang bombay tidak hanya memberikan kesehatan untuk tubuh tapi bisa membuat kamu cantik lho via amazingfarm.com

Onion is not only healthy but also beautifies lho via amazingfarm.com

Onions are not just for garnish, but the niacin in onions can be utilized as anti-virus. Niacin can be useful in warding off various diseases caused by viruses, such as flu or colds.

3. Mix lettuce is very important for your body

Sayur ini sangat kaya akan manfaat baiknya untuk tubuh kamu via amazingfarm.com

This vegetable is really rich in nutrition via amazingfarm.com

Lettuce is able to prevent the occurrence of cancer. Vitamins content in lettuce are also quite a lot. Ranging from vitamin A, C, E, and several kinds of minerals such as magnesium, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, and sodium. Lettuce also contains vitamin B complex but not overly dominant. A combination of vitamin C and beta-carotene contained in lettuce can also help maintain the health of your hearth.

4. Asian dressing tasty and healthy

Kegiatan tiada tara via amazingfarm.com

Unparalled taste via amazingfarm.com

A salad is not complete without the dressing sauce. Asian dressing in fiesta salad consists of rice vinegar, olive oil, chili sauce, garlic, honey, pepper, sesame oil and chilli sauce.

The ingredients of the sauce itself has a lot of benefits. For example, acid compounds contained in rice vinegar can make the skin glow. Olive oil is also beneficial to lower blood sugar levels, so as to prevent diabetes.

Chili sauce is rich in vitamin C. Garlic found in asian dressing can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Honey helps remove dead skin cells and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Pepper is very good for stamina and is very helpful for people with asthma. Sesame oil is regarded as one of the perfect way to deliver a number of health and beauty benefits.

Well, it turns out that healthy living can be so delicious and tasty! Let’s go grab fiesta salad guys!

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