The Extraordinary Benefits Of Tempe

02:43pm - 03 March 2024

Tempe is a traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans. Besides of being tasteful, tempe also has tremendous benefits for health.

Indonesian Tempe Forum Chairman Professor Made Astawan stated that the fermentation of tempe turns something complex into simpler form, such as carbohydrates and proteins. This makes tempe more easily digested in the body.

“There is no doubt about the benefits of tempe. We have a cultural heritage that is very simple to make. Imagine, tempe is boiled and then yeast is added, fermented for 40 hours, and we come up with something incredible, “said Made in the sidelines of the Awarding Nutrifood Research Grant, in Jakarta, Thursday (20/08/2015).

Based on data from Center for Health Research and Development of the Ministry of Health, tempe is a nutrient-rich food that contains vegetable protein and amino acids. Tempe also contains various types of vitamin B, iron, zinc, isoflavones, riboflavin, vegetable fat, phosphorus and carotene.

Protein in tempe can be a substitute protein requirements derived from meat or animal protein. Moreover, tempe is a relatively inexpensive food that can be consumed by a large number of people.

Protein, vitamins, and minerals in soybean are also beneficial for children. That is why tempe is also recommended as a complementary feeding. No wonder if tempe is safe for consumption by all age groups, from infants to the elderly.

Moreover, isoflavones contained in tempe are antioxidants which can counteract free radicals which cause disastrous diseases, such as cancer.

Made reminds that the process of making tempe has to be hygienic in order to obtain a more optimal nutritional value. He revealed that tempe that is made through hygienic process is safe to be eaten raw or unprocessed.

At “Rumah Tempe”, tempe makers are taught how to make a good tempe. Hygienic production process in emphasized to avoid contamination from the outside. Secretary General of the Association of Nutrition and Food (Food Pergizi) said hygienic production of tempeh also makes the shelf life longer.

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