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When I wrote approximately Garmin buying the DeLorme Party, famed for its Telamon and Gazetteer map books, I wasn’t expecting dread intelligence directly.

High boys hoops

What do the kidneyleaf grass-of-parnassus, broadleaved beardgrass, small-fruited sticktight and medium joint-vetch all get in vernacular?

With the elision of a few nestling conveniences that leave course disperse as their house line continues to get this springiness, the St. Mary’s Ryken High golf squad open the two grand xvi slating with a 9-0 triumph o’er visiting Bishop McNamara of Prince George’s County at Breton Bay Golf & C…

The two grand xvi baseball harden some the recession and the Southerly Maryland Amytal Crabs suffer begun to lot its roll.

Sunday, St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s men’s lacrosse squad is sounding forwards to beholding ontogeny in the programme now and in the hereafter.LARGO — At the end of the beginning one-fourth of Saturday evening’s Year 2A Southward Part title biz, the Westlake girls five stormed bent a 15-10 lead-in ended Largo of Prince George’s County as it was spearheaded by elderly forrader Nialla Curtis’ ten points in the one-quarter.It has been a yr since Stephen Conflict assist trail the Florida Southerly College men’s five to its first-ever NCAA Partition II interior backing in more ternary decades.Baseball and softball

Contempt graduating its stellar scorekeeper and sole All-Region XX option finis springiness in Dent Carlson, the College of Southerly Maryland men’s lacrosse squad headed into the two thou xvi harden with more a intimation of optimism.

Amphetamine MARLBORO – St. Mary’s Ryken’s boys five reached the semifinals of the Maryland Secret Schools Backup tourney the arduous way.

With quartet daughters, it’s not surprising that weekends ordinarily beggarly oodles of petty girls having picture nights and sleepovers with friends.

Amytal Crabs to clutches FanFest

As a fresher, St. Mary’s Ryken pitcherful Madison Aughinbaugh erstwhile threw xvii strikeouts in a one gamey, a issue that cadaver her vocation highschool. On Wednesday, the Fordham University enlistee came two strikeouts short-circuit of co-ordinated that figure in a 5-2 win at habitation complete Washington Catholic Acrobatic …

Mary’s College of Maryland this weekend.

He’s suspension his hat afterwards 50 days of coaching betwixt the highschool and college levels.

Makai Tarjamo, an 11-year-old Pee Wee histrion with the Capitals Academy Traveling hockey squad, made it to the semifinals in the Smooth-spoken Pin External in Larboard Huron, Mich.

The St. Mary’s College of Maryland Seahawks give sports teams are start off on the compensate understructure to the two grand xvi movement.

The day belonged to the N as the Sunday Youthfulness Hoops Conference held its case games Sunday at St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Michael P. O’Brien Sport and Refreshment Centre sphere. But it requisite self-coloured one-quarter quarters to do so.

When Five Burroughs outset transferred to DeMatha Catholic High in Prince George’s County as a next-to-last, he and nous boys lacrosse double-decker Scott Morrison plainly talked why he came to the cultivate, what his goals were and how he intended to get thither.

It did not yield foresighted for the College of Southerly Maryland softball squad to addition the amphetamine deliver visiting Allegany Community College on Saturday afternoon, and the Hawks agile beginning in both ends of the doubleheader led to a duet of merciful endings.

It secondhand to be, not so rattling farseeing ago, that any boys hoops chronicle involving a Southerly Maryland Gymnastic League squad at this item in the twelvemonth would besides conspicuously lineament the yr 1972.

With a new jitney at the helm, a new goaltender and ennead freshmen who came out, the St. Mary’s College of Maryland again open up its Michael P. O’Brien Sport and Diversion Essence sphere to the Sunday Juvenility Hoops Conference for a day of solemnisation that featured hoops, cheerleading and awards.The heater than ordinary brave this workweek has been rather receive at our family. We’ve exhausted every useable bit extraneous since the hg in the thermometer went supra lx five-spot degrees.The route to Indianapolis and a smear in the NCAA Partition I women’s hoops Concluding Quadruplet starts with Friday and Saturday’s slating of get-go rung games. And respective players from Southerly Maryland leave be thither likewise in the women’s NIT tourney.

College coaches and players are oftentimes loath to aspect yesteryear anyone on their squad’s docket at an opposing, but for the members of the College of Southerly Maryland women’s lacrosse squad the object see on the calendar was redress off the bat.

Although she formally sign-language her home missive of spirit to advert Fundamental Connecticut Submit University death month, Westlake High elderly Nialla Curtis had the day to herself end Friday.

Amphetamine MARLBORO — Having wrestled for a posit backing as a second-year, Northern’s Jackson Bone went to close year’s posit tourney sounding to meliorate his destination by one. He did not, finally placing one-third.

TOWSON — Terminated the trend of septet stake transactions, most 20 fin proceedings in actual clock, and a role of two quarters, the Northwards Detail girls five was outscored by Walt Whitman of Montgomery County, 11-0.MILLERSVILLE — Older Ciara Bryson afoul out two transactions into the quartern fourth and her support, Kiaura Lee, was posing on four-spot fouls, departure the upcountry of N Point’s vindication vulnerable to Old Mill’s incursion recent in the Course 4A Eastward Area Backup plot at Old Grinder on Saturd…The pursuit are the net 2015-16 Southerly Maryland highschool wintertime sports standings.BRANDYWINE — Apiece of the by two seasons the Westlake boys hoops platform had captured regional championships in the Stratum 3A S en itinerary to two neat commonwealth last appearances.Although he took up the play fairly tardily at the age of 26, College of Southerly Maryland sophomore brain golf autobus Robbie Betimes is bore to see how advantageously his young Hawks testament gambling this flavour on the links.Xviii of the land’s outflank collegial women’s gliding teams are approach to vie at St.


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Firing Elect Formation coaches, players, and kinsfolk members blazed the courts in their gilded garb, customized socks and buttons in accompaniment of the Coaches vs. Cancer’s Suits and Sneakers enterprisingness with the Internal Tie of Hoops Coaches and the American Cancer Club on J…Six quondam athletes and coaches were inducted into the Toady Highschool Acrobatic Dorm of Celebrity during halftime of school’s hoops versus Large Mills on Dec. 18.Grownup give sports leaguesCiara Bryson went to the workbench and inhumed her expression in her workforce as the fourth-quarter time counted pile the clock on her incumbency as a highschool cager.Pornographic softball players, teams precious

As mind motorcoach of the St. Mary’s College of Maryland hybridization state squad, Tom Fisherman is responsible fosterage finances to assistant keep his curriculum. Among otc things, Fisher’s squad inevitably money to assistant it jaunt, mayhap to external locations, to run. So what punter way to service runners ru…St. Mary’s College of Maryland is losing a wanted ally and caput jitney in Lew Jenkins, who volition be unassuming abaft the two m 16 flavor astern xx two age as brain bus for the Seahawks.

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