The Benefits Of Carrot For Hair And Beauty

09:31am - 23 January 2022


Jadikan menu wajib jika kamu ingin terlihat cantik via turns out that carrot is not not only good for your eyes, but also for beauty and hair. Carrot contains a lot of vitamin A, which is compulsory to be consumed daily if we wish to have good eyesight, healthy hair, and glowing skin.

For most people, the benefit of carrot for beauty is close to none. Just for your information, this bright colored vegetable has a lot of benefits for your the health of your skin and hair.

1. The eye is the most important. All the world can be seen with just two eyes.


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Let’s talk a little bit about why carrot is good for our eyes. The carrot contains beta carotene, which makes it orange. Beta carotene is turned into Vitamin A inside the liver, which then transformed into our retinas for the production of rhodopsin, a pigment which enhances our eyesight.

Carrot also contains lutein. Both beta carotene and lutein can be found in a retina of an eye. Both components help to protect the eyes, especially during the night time. Moreover, beta carotene also known for protecting the eyes from macular degeneration and cataract.

2. Even if you are a tomboy, you will still care about how you look! Therefore, start looking after your hair and skin condition!


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Apart from vitamin A, this vegetable also consists of vitamin K and C. Every medium size carrot has 8 mcg of vitamin K, meanwhile it contains 6% of our daily needs of vitamin C. Vitamin K consisted in this vegetable aids to maintain the wellness of our kidneys and the strength of our bones. Vitamin C is also beneficial for maintaining our immune system and the health our teeth and gum.

That is the fact found about carrot! The amount of fibre and kalium in carrot is found to be quite high to aid your digestive system. It was also found out that the kalium inside carrot helps to reduce cancer.

A glass of carrot juice contains about 340% of the daily recommended vitamin A intake. A 100 gram carrot juice also contains 3 mg of vitamin C, 0.3 mg vitamin E, and 0.01 vitamin B1 and B2. Vitamin B2 is needed to keep our eyes sound. Apart from that, taking a glass of carrot juice also completes 18% of the daily recommended potassium intake.

For those who have not tried using carrot as a masker might find it pretty weird about this. Can a carrot be used as a masker? The answer is yes. It can even make your skin glow naturally. The fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidant found in carrot can help to remove dead skin cells or rough skin caused by dust or exposure to free radicals.

3. Because who does not want a strong and healthy hair

Hair is an important aspect of beauty for men or women. For some women, hair is the crown. You can use carrot as a natural source to prevent the side effects of the chemicals from hair treatment products. Here is what you can get from consuming carrot.

Drinking carrot juice routinely improves the quality of the hair. If you want a strong, robust hair, this vegetable has the perfect nutrients to complete your hair’s needs. The vitamins contained in carrot is very useful for preventing hair loss.

Moreover, this bright colored vegetable also stimulates the growth of new hair. Vitamin C and E make the circulation in your scalp more regularly.

Besides that, juicing carrot is the most convenient way of extracting the mineral inside. A glass of carrot juice (250 ml) fulfills our daily need of vitamin A.

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